East African Federation: The Future of East Africa

East African Federation is a planned union by countries of East African community - Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda into a federal union and a single state.  The federation will allow a free flow of it's citizens to every corner of the country, and a single currency will unite them.

Around September 2018, a constitutional drafting committee was established for a constitution for the region.
The capital of the federation will not be in any of the country's capitals but will be in "Arusha," situated in Tanzania, and the official language will be English while Swahili will be their lingual Franca.
The East African Federation has a landmass of about 2,467,202 square kilometers (952,592 sq mi), it will be the largest country in the African Continent and 10th largest in the world.  And with its 178,978,883 population as at 2018, would be the second most popular black African nation (second only to Nigeria) and eight in the world. 
The Single currency that has been planned for the federation is the East African Shilling, and most of its members are supposed to have adopted the currency before 2023. Its GDP (PPP) estimate would be around US$472.238 billion and will be the fifth-largest in Africa and 43rd in the world. 
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The idea of forming an East African Federation can be traced back to the founding fathers during the struggle for independence between for British colony of Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika, and Zanzibar. After a failed attempt by Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya and Uganda's Milton Obote to form a federation, Tanganyika went ahead to create a federation with Zanzibar to what is known as Tanzania today. 
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The new push for federation started again in 2010 when EAC (East African Community) launched its own stock market for goods, labor, and capital within the region with the goal of a common currency by 2013 and a full political federation in 2015, which has seen significant extensions till this day. With South Sudan's admission into the community making them six members stated in 2016, we look forward to a new federation for East African Community. 

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